Rice Farming in Pakistan

The supply chain for rice is tricky, with many intermediaries. Farmers who grow rice are often poor and less knowledgeable about requirements on quality and cost. Axfoundation works to improve rice…Read more


Working Conditions in Swedish Agriculture

The majority of the workers who pick Swedish vegetables that are sold in wholesale and retail trade are foreign. Often they are EU citizens from Eastern Europe who come to Sweden as…Read more


Palm Oil in Beauty Products

Palm oil production is growing rapidly and is now close to 60 million metric tons per year. Close to 90 percent is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the plantations…Read more


The First Social Supermarket in the Nordic Countries

Matmissionen (The Food Mission, in Swedish) is the first social supermarket in any of the Nordic countries, and it opened in a southern suburb of Stockholm, Rågsved, in December 2015. Due to…Read more


EU Migrants and their Children

We meet them daily as they sit outside our stores and on street corners. We might say hello and give them some money as we hasten quickly past and continue with…Read more


Training in rights and responsibilities

Weak labor rights and poor working conditions at the production plants is a well known problem for Western companies with suppliers in China and Bangladesh. It manifests itself through low wages,…Read more


Miljöverkstan: Eco Workshop for Children

The objective of the association Miljöverkstan (Swedish for The Environmental Workshop) is for children and young people to explore sustainability issues based on their own experiences, thoughts and visions. The…Read more



We_change_lärare (we_change_teachers) was founded in 2013 as a pilot project for teachers linked to the youth sustainability project We_change. Axfoundation and Ungdomar.se (a digital platform for youth) founded the project together…Read more


Human Nature

The seminar series Human Nature is an informal event during which we raise interesting aspects of man’s inner and outer nature together with scientists, politicians, industry, local farmers and other old…Read more


Better Schools

During 2016 Axfoundation supported a joint project between the organization Bättre Skolor (Swedish for Better Schools) and the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS) at Karolinska Institutet. The project’s aim has…Read more


Migrant Workers in Thailand

Thailand has more than 3 million men and women migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Most of them are from Myanmar (Burma), a country which, with its long history as a…Read more


Seminar on Diversity with Maytree Foundation

In 2011 and 2012 the Maytree Foundation in Canada received the UN’s Intercultural Innovation Award for its efforts to increase diversity in the workplace. Canada is a leader when it…Read more


Tipping Points

On the occasion of the foundation’s 20th anniversary, a seminar was held called Tipping Points — How Small Things You Do Make a Sustainable Difference. The invitation and program below…Read more


CSES Incubator

CSES , the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden, is Sweden’s first incubator for social entrepreneurs. The mission of CSES is to stimulate and support the advance of social innovation in…Read more


Junior Achievement—Entrepreneurship for Real

Junior Achievement Sweden is a training organization that together with schools aims to introduce entrepreneurship and commitment to the business community in the education system. Axfoundation is co-author of the teaching material…Read more

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