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Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel

The textile industry is facing many challenges. A high use of natural resources, major environmental effects and social inequality are all potential threats also to future economic growth and social welfare…Read more


Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L)

Doing an environmental profit and loss (EP&L) analysis involves monetarily valuing the natural capital that a company uses to run its business. The report Natural Capital at Risk: The Top 100…Read more


Report on Wool from Filippa K

What is the right price of wool? Filippa K’s new report on wool makes visible external “invisible” costs such as the environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the…Read more


Fashion Talks

In connection with the Swedish fashion week in Stockholm, Axfoundation has for the last few years arranged open seminars on sustainability and fashion. The textile and fashion industries face many challenges….Read more


Människans Natur 2014

Sånt som växer – i människan och utanför Hur uppnås harmoni? De senaste fyrtio åren har vi intalat oss att det finns ett stort och enkelt svar på den frågan:…Read more


Tipping Points

On the occasion of the foundation’s 20th anniversary, a seminar was held called Tipping Points — How Small Things You Do Make a Sustainable Difference. The invitation and program below…Read more


Fashion Talks 2014: On Smart Wardrobes

In 2014, two Fashion Talks on smart wardrobes were held at Bukowskis in Stockholm. How do you create a wardrobe of clothes that last a long time? When taste, design,…Read more


Material Gap 2014: Light Reflexions

The topic of this year’s Material Gap was digital lighting. Material Gap consisted of two parts: a workshop at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm and later that day an event…Read more


Land of Tomorrow at the Museum of Work

The exhibition Framtidsland (Swedish for Land of Tomorrow) challenges our everyday lives. How should we live, eat, travel, work, study? What do we want? What is sustainable? What can you…Read more


Material Gap 2013: IN/OUT!

Seminar in conjunction with Stockholm Design Week in collaboration with Swedish Design and Bioinspired Forum. A conversation about materials research, sustainability and the challenging link between design and research. How…Read more


Bisphenol A and Its Alternatives

During a seminar on bisphenol A and its alternatives, these questions were answered: What are endocrine disruptors? Bisphenol A—How dangerous is it? Alternatives to bisphenol A—What options are available and…Read more


Climate Impact from Transport Services

As one of the leading businesses in trade and services in the Nordic countries, the Axel Johnson Group employ very comprehensive logistics operations. The environmental impact of transportation is thus significant…Read more


2013 Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel

The 2013 Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel went to The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). The aim of…Read more


The Beef of the Future

The Beef of the Future (Framtidens kött in Swedish) is a collaborative project related to the procurement requirements of beef that has been established with the Federation of Swedish Farmers…Read more


Fashion Talks 2012: Lifestyle Trends and Technological Advances

Seminar series in collaboration and conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm. Focus on changes in consumer behavior related to lifestyle trends and technological advances. Co-organizer: Association of Swedish Fashion Brands….Read more


Material Gap 2012: Behave!

Seminar in conjunction with Stockholm Design Week in collaboration with Swedish Design and Bioinspired Forum. Focus on new materials and their properties. Speakers: Arik Levy, designer; Marie-Louise Ainalem, scientist, European…Read more


Bioinspired Forum

Bioinspired Forum is an open seminar arranged by Axfoundation. How will our understanding of natural principles influence future design, products, and processes? And what will this mean for your discipline or…Read more


Climb Aboard the Eco Wheel

Meeting between sustainable development scientists and experts and the public in a Ferris wheel at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Participating colleges, universities and organizations: Beckmans College of Design, Fair Trade, Stockholm…Read more


Functional foods—How Do They Work?

Seminar for Axfood and Servera on the health effects of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fibers and probiotic substances. Speakers: Johan Olsson, CEO, Good Food Practice AB; Marie Olsson, professor of…Read more


Tipping Points Exhibition

“Are you ready for a changed world image? Forget the doomsday prophecies—the situation might be serious but there’s still hope! Nature’s own smart solutions is the greatest opportunity for our future….Read more


Lagerhaus, A Wise Choice

Axfoundation put together a school collaboration between the Center for Retailing at Stockholm School of Economics and Forsberg’s Advertising School, aiming to both develop the students’ skills on environmental and social…Read more


Textile Recycling at Åhléns Department Stores

The average Swede throws away eight kilograms of clothing every year. Each kilo of manufactured textile uses about 15 kilos of carbon dioxide. A T-shirt requires about four kilos of…Read more


Chemical Seminar and Workshop

In the last 50 years, chemical production has increased from less than 10 million metric tons to more than 400 million tons per year. There are more than 140,000 registered…Read more


Fashion Talks 2011: Sustainable Materials and Recycling

Seminar series in collaboration and conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm. Focus on the future of sustainable materials and resource recovery. Co-organizers: Association of Swedish Fashion Brands and Sustainable Fashion…Read more


Human Nature 2011: What Makes Human Beings Human

Seminar at Apelrydsskolan School, Torekov: “For the second year in a row Axfoundation invites you to a summer conversation on the topic of human nature. This year the focus is…Read more


Fashion Talks 2010: Fashion and Sustainability—Paradox or Possibility?

Fashion and Sustainability—Paradox or Possibility? Seminar in collaboration and conjunction with Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns. Focus on opportunities in the textile and fashion industries for taking responsibility for social…Read more


Material Gap 2010: New Materials

A seminar on how producers or designers can work in a sustainable way with new materials. Important new materials are being developed that rarely or never reach production. How can…Read more


Människans Natur 2010

Människan påverkar naturen, men påverkas också av den Idag lever en majoritet av världens befolkning i städer. Den omgivande naturen upplevs mer som ett hot än som en möjlighet enligt…Read more


Should We Throw In the towel or Replace It?

Seminar in cooperation with the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. Focus on sustainable textiles, various types of fiber crops and the textile industry’s economic and social role in…Read more


Ingredients in Beauty Products in Collaboration with the Åhléns Group

Workshop: Beauty products from nature—Good for the skin and the environment? What should cosmetics contain? Developments and trends in the natural cosmetics industry. Speakers: Christina Mattsson, PhD in organic chemistry,…Read more


Reduced Waste in Grocery Stores

Support for presentation seminar on the research project Reduced Waste in Grocery Stores (Minskat matsvinn i livsmedelsbutik) conducted by The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Formas, the Retail and…Read more


The Food of the Future

Project in cooperation with Servera. The focus was on school meals and the project resulted in the book Skolboken (The School Book), among other things.


Urban Gardening: Are We on Track?

Support for the initiative Trädgård på Spåret at Skanstull in Stockholm, which has transformed a forgotten railroad track into a green, vibrant urban garden.


Miljöverkstan: Eco Workshop for Children

The objective of the association Miljöverkstan (Swedish for The Environmental Workshop) is for children and young people to explore sustainability issues based on their own experiences, thoughts and visions. The…Read more


Cultivation in the Classroom

We are no longer a society in which every person has followed the food on their tables from the seed being planted in the ground or the chicken being hatched from…Read more



We_change_lärare (we_change_teachers) was founded in 2013 as a pilot project for teachers linked to the youth sustainability project We_change. Axfoundation and Ungdomar.se (a digital platform for youth) founded the project together…Read more


Food Additives: Good or Bad? Fake Food or the Real Thing?

Workshop on how to deal with additives in our food. Speakers: Mats-Erik Nilsson, author, managing editor and food writer, Svenska Dagbladet; Marie-Louise Danielsson-Tham, veterinarian, senior lecturer in food hygiene, especially…Read more


Material Gap

Material Gap is a series of seminars open to the public and held annually in conjunction with the Stockholm Design Week. The purpose of Materials Gap is to bridge the…Read more


Human Nature

The seminar series Human Nature is an informal event during which we raise interesting aspects of man’s inner and outer nature together with scientists, politicians, industry, local farmers and other old…Read more


EAT Stockholm Food Forum

EAT Stockholm Food Forum is an annual conference where over 650 global leaders from science, politics and business share knowledge, discuss the challenges and opportunities linked to food, health and…Read more


Filippa K Circle

Champions of Long Lasting Fashion Circular economy is a concept that is gaining more attention. It is about moving from a linear resource extraction to a circular, where the materials…Read more


The Food that Disappeared

A collaboration between the Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society and Axfoundation. The purpose of the seminar was to bring together industry and commerce to illustrate the extent and consequences of wasting…Read more


Food and Ethics—What is Sustainable Food?

Workshop on food and climate in collaboration with Servera. An international survey on the regulatory framework for organic production, global food security and local production. Speakers: Johanna Björklund, researcher, Centre…Read more


Sustainability and Fashion from a System Perspective

Workshop on sustainability and fashion from a system perspective in cooperation with Filippa K. Focus on trends and scenarios for the future based on design, re-design and life cycle analyses,…Read more



Project in cooperation with the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. A two-day seminar focusing on food. 2001: Not just bread—our need of beauty 2000: Food and possibilities 1999:…Read more


The Stockholm Dialogue on Global Sustainability—Seizing Planetary Opportunities

A workshop on sustainability of animal foods and meat from the beef and dairy industries with a focus on how we can improve the sustainability performance of industries involved in producing meat…Read more

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