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Report: Blockchain for traceability in food chains

2017-12-21: During 2017, Axfoundation, together with Martin & Servera, SKL Kommentus, SLL and Karios Future, has conducted a preliminary study to identify the possibilities of blockchain technology for traceability and…Read more


Torsåker farm

Axfoundation’s development center for sustainable meals of the future Torsåker farm, 30 km north of Stockholm city center, has been in the family Ax:son Johnson’s ownership since 2010. The farm…Read more


Equine Sustainability

The knowledge of sustainability in the equine industry is generally quite low. It can seem strange considering the horse brings us close to nature and agriculture. In 2016 Axfoundation initiated a…Read more


Criteria for Using Antibiotics in Food Production

Penicillin was discovered in the 1920s and is considered one of the most important discoveries of the millennium. It is used to kill or inhibit bacteria growth and is vital…Read more


Palm Oil in Beauty Products

Palm oil production is growing rapidly and is now close to 60 million metric tons per year. Close to 90 percent is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the plantations…Read more


A Guide to Smart Value Chains for Water

In 2014 Axfood and Axfoundation joined the cluster group for water and food at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The aim is to work together with other food and beverage…Read more


The First Social Supermarket in the Nordic Countries

Matmissionen (The Food Mission, in Swedish) is the first social supermarket in any of the Nordic countries, and it opened in a southern suburb of Stockholm, Rågsved, in December 2015. Due to…Read more

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