Ongoing projects: Social sustainablity


ÖppnaDörren — Open the Door

As part of our work on the topics of integration and diversity, in 2015 Axfoundation launched ÖppnaDörren (Swedish for “Open the Door”). The long-term objective of ÖppnaDörren is to contribute to meetings…Read more


Rice Farming in Pakistan

The supply chain for rice is tricky, with many intermediaries. Farmers who grow rice are often poor and less knowledgeable about requirements on quality and cost. Axfoundation works to improve rice…Read more


Palm Oil in Beauty Products

Palm oil production is growing rapidly and is now close to 60 million metric tons per year. Close to 90 percent is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the plantations…Read more


The First Social Supermarket in the Nordic Countries

Matmissionen (The Food Mission, in Swedish) is the first social supermarket in any of the Nordic countries, and it opened in a southern suburb of Stockholm, Rågsved, in December 2015. Due to…Read more


Training in rights and responsibilities

Weak labor rights and poor working conditions at the production plants is a well known problem for Western companies with suppliers in China and Bangladesh. It manifests itself through low wages,…Read more


Migrant Workers in Thailand

Thailand has more than 3 million men and women migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Most of them are from Myanmar (Burma), a country which, with its long history as a…Read more

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