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Human Nature 2016: Boundaries

Boundaries—a topical word that appears in many guises. Geographical and psychological, physical and constructed, visible and invisible, solid and liquid,...

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Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel

The textile industry is facing many challenges. A high use of natural resources, major environmental effects and social inequality are...

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Fashion Talks

In connection with the Swedish fashion week in Stockholm, Axfoundation has for the last few years arranged open seminars...

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Seminar on Diversity with Maytree Foundation

In 2011 and 2012 the Maytree Foundation in Canada received the UN’s Intercultural Innovation Award for its efforts to...

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Människans Natur 2014

Sånt som växer – i människan och utanför Hur uppnås harmoni? De senaste fyrtio åren har vi intalat oss...

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Tipping Points

On the occasion of the foundation’s 20th anniversary, a seminar was held called Tipping Points — How Small Things...

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Fashion Talks 2014: On Smart Wardrobes

In 2014, two Fashion Talks on smart wardrobes were held at Bukowskis in Stockholm. How do you create a...

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Material Gap 2014: Light Reflexions

The topic of this year’s Material Gap was digital lighting. Material Gap consisted of two parts: a workshop at...

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