A Guide to Smart Value Chains for Water

In 2014 Axfood and Axfoundation joined the cluster group for water and food at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The aim is to work together with other food and beverage companies and face global water challenges, such as access and deteriorating water quality, both as a result of climate change, increasing industrial activity and population pressures.

The goal of the collaboration is for the food industry to more easily identify the best tools for managing water in the cultivation and processing in countries which are facing increasing water challenges.

After nearly a year of mapping work the tools have been identified and categorized into four main areas: risk assessment, certification, guidelines, and reporting.

The guide was published in April 2016. The idea is that companies can gradually develop its water work through risk assessment, risk management (either internally or with suppliers and/or customers), reporting and communication.

The project will be implemented during 2016/2017 with pilots with two different standards/certifications (SAI Farm Sustainability Assessment 2.0 and Global Gap IV). Axfood will do a pilot with avocado in South Africa. The project is hoping for co-funding from Sida, even as participating companies and Axfoundation will contribute. Axfoundation also plans to implement a comprehensive water risk analysis of some critical products/areas along with Axfood and Martin & Servera during 2016/2017.

The cluster group includes Axfood, Axfoundation, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden, Hermansson & C, ICA, Nestle, agricultural cooperative Lantmännen, the Swedish Food Federation, Santa Maria and Systembolaget.

For more information, contact carolina.sachs@axfoundation.se

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