Training in Rights at Supply Factories in Asia

Weak labor rights and poor working conditions at the production plants is a well known problem for Western companies with suppliers in China and Bangladesh. It manifests itself through low wages, illegal or unpaid overtime, no right to organize in trade unions, poor dialogue between employers and workers, lack of health and safety, poor fire safety and discrimination.

Often, factory workers are not aware of their legal rights or lack the means to make demands. They do not know the buyers’ codes of conduct, which requires suppliers to comply with the law and ensure good working conditions. The suppliers in turn often lack the tools and operating systems, and sometimes interest, to ensure that workers understand and exercise their rights and obligations. Managers at various levels act differently, and do not have a coherent picture of what is what.

A tool that can quickly contribute to increased knowledge of the rights and obligations of both employees and managers is QuizRR (Quiz Rights & Responsibilities). QuizRR is a tool used to train factory workers and managers at all levels of human rights and working conditions. Axfoundation has motivated companies in the Axel Johnson Group to sign up for QuizRR through 25 pilot licences. Six companies are now using QuizRR in their Chinese supplying factories: Axfood, Filippa K, Kicks, Åhléns, Martin & Servera and AxLoad.

Training is carried out on tablets that QuizRR provides and is based on customized films about worker’s rights and obligations. Factories don’t have to worry about lost production time since the tool can be used at any time and in small groups or individually. Furthermore, factory owners, buyers and the workers themselves can follow the development of knowledge and thus identify the areas that need to be further prioritized. The tool can then be used by the purchasing companies to digitally monitor how suppliers are working to train their staff, what they learned and where additional efforts are needed.

QuizRR’s vision is to educate millions of workers worldwide about their rights and obligations. This vision is consistent with Axfoundation’s efforts to drive transformative change on human rights and working conditions throughout the company’s value chains.

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