Torsåker farm

Axfoundation’s development center for sustainable meals of the future

Torsåker farm, 30 km north of Stockholm city center, has been in the family Ax:son Johnson’s ownership since 2010. The farm includes 127 hectares (314 acres) of cultivated land, 180 hectares of forest and 14 hectares of pasture. It is the wishes of the family to use the farm through Axfoundation to create a development center for sustainable meals of the future.

Torsåker will be a catalyst for activities that contribute to the Swedish development of the future of sustainable food production, including innovation, knowledge transfer, product development and consumption of food.

With the meal as final destination, we want to contribute to creating economically, ecologically and socially sustainable products that drives development forward. The operations should be closely linked to research and business and include both theory and practice.

By focusing on those areas where environmental sustainability, food quality and nutritional content overlap and reinforce each other, we believe we can help make tomorrow’s food products both better and better tasting. Torsåker becomes a gathering place where farmers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers meet to test cultivation, raise livestock, refine and develop new foodstuffs, new foods and new meals.

Torsåker shall:

  • be a meeting place for inspiration, business development, research, raw materials and meals focusing on sustainable food production
  • run a business that, with good examples, can demonstrate a new naturally sustainable food production of high quality
  • develop naturally sustainable processes and promote sustainable food and rural development
  • identify and develop naturally sustainable businesses, commodities and products, concretize them and make them accessible to as many as possible

We are now selecting the areas that we will initially focus on.

For more information about the Torsåker project, contact Madeleine Linins Mörner at +46-709-50 35 35 or

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