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Earlier projects

Functional foods—How Do They Work?

Seminar for Axfood and Servera on the health effects of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fibers and probiotic substances. Speakers:...

Earlier projects

Tipping Points Exhibition

“Are you ready for a changed world image? Forget the doomsday prophecies—the situation might be serious but there’s still hope!...

Earlier projects

Lagerhaus, A Wise Choice

Axfoundation put together a school collaboration between the Center for Retailing at Stockholm School of Economics and Forsberg’s Advertising School,...

Earlier projects

Chemical Seminar and Workshop

In the last 50 years, chemical production has increased from less than 10 million metric tons to more than...

Earlier projects

Fashion Talks 2011: Sustainable Materials and Recycling

Seminar series in collaboration and conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm. Focus on the future of sustainable materials and...

Earlier projects

Human Nature 2011: What Makes Humans Human

Seminar at Apelrydsskolan, Torekov: “For the second consecutive year, Antonia Ax: son Johnson’s Foundation for Environment and Development invites...

Earlier projects

Fashion Talks 2010: Fashion and Sustainability—Paradox or Possibility?

Fashion and Sustainability—Paradox or Possibility? Seminar in collaboration and conjunction with Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns. Focus on opportunities...

Earlier projects

Material Gap 2010: New Materials

A seminar on how producers or designers can work in a sustainable way with new materials. Important new materials...

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