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During 2016 Axfoundation supported a joint project between the organization Bättre Skolor (Swedish for Better Schools) and the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS) at Karolinska Institutet. The project’s aim has been to carry out a research overview and thus also a validation of the methodology and tools used by Bättre Skolor. This work resulted in three scientific reports.

At Axfoundation we see with great clarity how important the role of the school is for young people’s development, desire for learning and mental well-being. When we became familiar with Bättre Skolor we saw a clear methodology that makes a big difference for the young.

Better Schools has brought together different fields of modern research to take a holistic approach to teachers’ challenges in school. Cognitive neuroscience has contributed to the understanding of how the human brain works. The John Hattie result research, which represents the most comprehensive school study to identify factors behind good school performance, has identified the most interesting areas of development. Another field, positive psychology, contributes to evidence-based practices for how we go about creating change that actually works, and provides understanding of what engages and motivates students.

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