Fashion Talks

In connection with the Swedish fashion week in Stockholm, Axfoundation has for the last few years arranged open seminars on sustainability and fashion.

The textile and fashion industries face many challenges. Both environment and people in manufacturing countries often pay a high price for our cheap textiles in the form of contaminated water, unusable agricultural land and social wrongs.

At the same time, a lot of interesting and good things are happening in the textile field: new materials, new business models, innovations and consumer trends are driving development in a more sustainable direction.

During the Fashion Talks we direct the light on both the negative and the positive, with the aim to create discussion and inspiration for brands, media and consumers.

Fashion Talks 2015: Water a Matter for Fashion

Fashion Talks 2014: On Smart Wardrobes

Fashion Talks 2012:  Lifestyle Trends and Technological Advances

Fashion Talks 2011: Sustainable Materials and Recycling

Fashion Talks 2010: Fashion and Sustainability—Paradox or Possibility?


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