Mapping resource flows

Axfoundation will start work in spring 2018 on mapping the largest resource flows within the Axel Johnson Group. Mapping is expected to provide us with a rough picture of the flow of materials that today constitute waste and which in a next step will be analysed from a value perspective. The aim is to establish a monetary value for important resource flows within the Group, and to identify resource flows that are valuable enough to find circular models.

The work will be preceded by Axfoundation initiating a number of pilot projects in 2017 for the purpose of identifying and testing circular models. The ambition is to find opportunities within the Axel Johnson Group, where one company’s waste may become another company’s resource, thus increasing the value of different material flows. Mapping of the flows is taking place now. Contact Hanna Skoog at Axfoundation if you would like to know more about this initiative.

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