Nudging for smart climate choices

Axfoundation is supporting Swedish online food store to ‘nudge’ its customers to take smart climate choices. 25 percent of climate impact comes from food and studies show that consumers can halve their climate impact through food by understanding the impact different foods have on the climate. This is the aim of, which will become the first online food store to provide customers with a climate receipt. By influencing its customers’ behaviour, wants to enable them to make more climate-friendly food choices. Consumers will also will be able to monitor changes to the climate impact of their purchases over time.

Axfoundation and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden are collaborating with to develop and quality assure its climate data. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute which, among other things, engages in research and innovation throughout the food chain – all the way from primary agricultural production to processing and the grocery trade to the consumer.

The long-term goal of the project for Axfoundation is that the results and lessons learned from these services can be spread to other companies within the Axel Johnson Group. The Group investigates opportunities for influencing consumer behaviour in a sustainable climate area and other areas designated for the companies. The project is implemented in cooperation with Antonia’s renewal fund.

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