Blockchain in the food chain

Axfoundation is exploring the potential of blockchain technology to improve traceability in supply chains. The food chain offers numerous opportunities for increased sustainability through better traceability. This can include revealing food cheating, reducing the risk of corruption, increasing transparency in working conditions, and ensuring food quality.

Blockchain technology comprises a distributed database, where each node automatically verifies changes and additions made to any of the other nodes. It is the foundation of the electronic currency Bitcoin.

During 2017, Axfoundation, together with Martin & Servera, SKL Kommentus, SLL and Karios Future, has conducted a preliminary study to identify the possibilities of blockchain technology for traceability and transparency of food. The preliminary study has mapped out the investments in food control and traceability that are ongoing in Sweden and internationally, as well as which technologies and projects will be valuable in order to build solutions with the blockchain in the future.

The result of the preliminary study identifies three uses where blockchain can contribute to increased transparency and traceability in food:

  • Ensure information on social and environmental conditions at source.
  • Traceability of volumes along the supply chain, “from land to table”.
  • Traceability of devices along the supply chain, “from land to table”.

The preliminary study can be downloaded here. The next step will be to test the possibilities of the block chain in reality, through pilot projects in 2018.

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