Fashion Talks 2015

Water – a matter for fashion

It can take up to 2 700 liter of water to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt, and almost 20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles. How can the fashion industry make a difference and change the problem of water scarcity?

Fashion Talks will put the spotlight on a range of remarkable initiatives and approaches that will have a profound impact on how the fashion industry will transform the management of our precious water resources. Water is highlighted as Fashion Week and World Water Week coincide in Stockholm.

Panelists include:

Femke Zijlstra, DyeCoo; Elin Larsson, Filippa K; Fredrika Karlén, KappAhl; Elin Weyler, SIWI and Martin Berling, W R SpinDye.

Moderator: Natalia Brzezinski, Communication Strategist


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